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Start Trading Bruh

Now everyone can invest in this Philanthropic Memecoin.

Some Basic Info.

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Embark on Your DeFi Journey 👈👉

We think that the best way to embark on your journey into the world of MemeFi, DeFi, and Bruh needs to start with a wallet. And what better way to start than Metamask, the largest ETH wallet provider that can easily connect to thousands of DApps. To create a wallet, either import it from a mnemonic (recovery phrase) or create a new one from the on-screen instructions. Once you created a wallet, scroll down to the bottom of your balances and click on the add tokens button at the bottom and select custom token. Enter 0xe6d2a9fcd946e07826c6cdd919da04763ea4d812 as the address and BRUH as the symbol and 18 as the decimals if the info does not autofill. With all the information on Metamask, you now have a Bruh wallet with your Ethereum address.

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Uniswap + Paraswap


Tokpie exchange only has options for purchases with ETH, so that really limits the options for purchasing Bruh. With Uniswap, you can swap for Bruh via any cryptocurrency on Uniswap's ETH pool, so now there're more options. Anyway, to swap, connect to a web3 wallet service (e.g. Metamask) and enter the address 0xe6d2a9fcd946e07826c6cdd919da04763ea4d812 as the output. Click approve on the message for the tokens that are not in the Uniswap token lists. Enter the amount of any other token you want to swap and click the swap button. Paraswap is basically the same thing, but it's a Dex Aggregator.