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The People.

Bruh is a community-focused philanthropic memecoin which aims to help people in poverty by donating tokens and proceeds from fundraisers. 

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Bruh is a crypto for the people. The founder will donate 1,000,000,000 Bruh when ready to do so (check whitepaper) to charitable organizations that help people in poverty. We will also donate some fundraised ETH and Fiat to charitable organizations helping people in poverty along with the tokens.

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No Asterisks

It's not fun to make false promises. Bruh's founder made this promise on the day Bruh minted: No scams, No asterisks, No catches, and No terms. Bruh will not scam anyone, and we will prioritize truthfulness and transparency.





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We are currently available for partnerships with brands, exchanges, influencers, wallets, and other cryptos. Feel free to contact us at bruhofficial@bruhcrypto.org or @bruhtokeno on Twitter and Telegram about possible partnerships.  



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Cheap For  Now.

We're cheap right now, but that could not be the case in the future.

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Crypto Memes 2.0


Why is Bruh called Bruh? Well, the founder has the opinion that Shiba was too common, so there had to be another promising meme. After some thought, the name Bruh just clicked with our vision, and there was virtually no competition in DeFi. This resulted in what is now known as $BRUH.

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Revolutionizing DeFi


A Decentralized Exchange made by Bruh's founder is currently under development, which will be a forked version of Uniswap with some new features that will roll out after beta testing and launch on Mainnet. At the moment, we deployed the smart contracts for our exchange on Rinkeby and are working on the website interface.


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Hello, Blockspot

We have officially joined Blockspot, which offers information about Bruh that will be useful for DYOR, such as circulating supply and block explorers.

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Exchanges and Partners.

They've really helped us move forward and expand into the world of DeFi


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